Lamborghini Flying Star II

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Lamborghini Flying Star II

The Lamborghini Flying Star II (also named Lamborghini 400 GT Flying Star II) was a prototype Concept car built by Carrozzeria Touring in 1966 on a Lamborghini front engine chassis.

With the Flying Star II Carrozzeria Touring, desperately starving for commissions at the time, tried to arouse the interest of Lamborghini. The car had an Aluminum V12 engine, 5 speed Transmission (mechanics), fully Independent suspension and Disc brake all around. Unfortunately, its large size for a two-seater, angular lines, and controversial roof design made it look like a Station wagon. Lamborghini decided to stay with its current 350GT/400GT models. This would be the last design to come out of Carrozzeria Touring before the company closed its doors.

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