Valentino Balboni

Valentino Balboni is a employer and chief testdriver of Lamborghini, a manufacturer of sports cars in Italy.


Balboni started working for Lamborghini on April 21. 1967. He started as a mechanic apprentice in the company. He was personally asked by the founder of the company Ferrucio Lamborghini to test drive the newly built cars. Together with Bob Wallace they became the test drivers of Lamborghini. Valentino Balboni has reportedly driven about 80% of all lamborghini's ever built. In 2008 Balboni is still active for the company as the chief test driver and ambassador for Lamborghini. He appears at different Lamborghini related events like unveiling of new models.


Valentino Balboni has been on television in different documentary's about Lamborghini. He also has appeared on BBC's Top Gear.