Lamborghini Diablo GT

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Lamborghini Diablo GT
Diablo gt supercarsunday.jpg
Parent companyVolkswagen Group
AssemblySant'Agata Bolognese, Italy
PredecessorLamborghini Diablo SV
SuccessorLamborghini Diablo VT 6.0
ClassSports car
Body style(s)2-door coupe
LayoutMid-engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Engine(s)6.0 L V12
Transmission(s)6-speed manual
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RelatedLamborghini Diablo
DesignerMarcello Gandini
ManualService Manual

The Lamborghini Diablo GT (Gran Turismo) is a high-performance sports car built by Italian automaker Lamborghini in 1999.[1] The Diablo GT was only and officially sold in Europe. Eighty models were built.[2] The Diablo GT's price is estimate at $300,000.[3]


As the SV (Sport Veloce) was already a near race-ready version of the Diablo, the limited run GT model went even further in the same direction. It boasted a modified version of the V12 engine, bored out to 6.0 litres and producing 575 hp (429 kW), while enlarged brakes, an improved and lower-riding suspension and owner-specific gearing were other mechanical changes. More aggressive bodywork with flared fenders and wider wheels was introduced.


Lamborghini Diablo GT combines a new construction technology with a new design. Almost all the body parts are made of carbon fibre, excluding the roof and the doors only. Front bumper of new design, with integrated air intakes for the new front mounted oil cooler and for the brakes. Rear bumper of new design, "wing shaped". Front fenders of new design, matching the larger front track. Front bonnet of new design, with integrated air outlet from the oil cooler. Engine bonnet of new design, incorporating the engine dynamic air intake.


Diablo GT's 6 litre V12 engine, particularly conceived for superior performance (max power 567 hp (423 kW) at 7300 rpm, max torque 630 N·m (465 lb·ft) at 5500 rpm). The Multi-throttles intake manifold ("individual intake system": one throttle unit per each cylinder), with improved runners for high flow coefficients. GT's new intake and exhaust camshafts, tuned to achieve very high charge efficiency at medium-high engine speeds. Diablo GT's intake variable valve timing system (derived from the well proven system already used on Diablos model year '98 and '99) in order to guarantee good charge efficiency and then good torque not only at high but also at low engine speeds. The dynamic air inlet duct upstream the intake plenum for additional improvements of charge density and then engine power with the increasing of car speed aluminum construction (as Lamborghini's tradition) with magnesium intake manifold and cylinder head covers titanium connecting rods and lighter crankshaft.


The brake and the ABS systems are derived from the well proven high performance systems of the Diablo range with self ventilated large diameter discs (355 mm front, 335 mm rear) with high performance calipers and last generation ABS system. For Lamborghini Diablo GT even better performances are achieved, all because of the reduced car weight.


Most components in the interior are constructed of carbon fibre. Racing seats, racing 4 point safety belts, sports steering wheel and general sports trimming, leather and alcantara upholstery, carbon fibre parts "in sight", are elements that add to the already sporty feel. The air conditioning system is standard equipment to maintain a high comfort level. A dual air bag system is available as an option. As of the International Automobil Show of Frankfurt (September 1999), an optional rear wing mounted camera system became available to assist with reversing. The system comes complete with a display on the centre console which can also be used for GPS navigation.


The Lamborghini Diablo GT was only available in four colors:[4]

  • Orange
  • Titan-silver
  • Black
  • Garish yellow


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