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The Lamborghini LMA002 was a prototype offroad vehicle designed and built by Lamborghini. It was a followup to the LM001 and was first presented at the 1982 Geneva Auto Show.

Finally seeing the problems with their initial designs (the Cheetah, and the LM001), Lamborghini decided to move the engine to the front. This required a redesign of the entire chassis. This was also the first time the 332 bhp (248 kW) V12 engine from the Countach was actually used in an offroad vehicle, giving it significantly more power than its predecessors. Which was likely necessary, as the redesign increased the overall weight to 2600 kg (5700 lb). Moving of the engine also freed up a large amount of space in the rear, which allowed for enough room to fit six more passengers.

The increased weight required a suspension redesign and the addition of power steering. A five speed transmission with a hydraulic clutch was used. Also, for the first time the four wheel drive capabilities could be turned off, allowing the vehicle to become only rear-wheel drive when desired. The body panels were all very straight and flat to facilitate the addition of armor plating, and the entire roof and doors could be removed.

Only the single LMA002 would be produced, but after many alterations and adjustments, the design was determined fit for production and became the LM002.